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Rest your tired arms!

Although your baby may have other thoughts, it’s not practical to think you’ll be able to hold your new born all day long. At some point you’ll need a shower, a meal or just a quick break.

That’s why the MOOSE Baby Bouncer is so handy to provide a safe place for baby to play or relax while you cook dinner or brush your teeth!

Our MOOSE Baby Bouncer is great for sociable babies who like to see what’s going on and be ‘part of the action’ and at the same time feel comfortable & relaxed.

During winter months, like many NZ homes your floor may be too cold for bubs to lay, our FREE cuddly insert, ensures baby is kept cozy warm and free from drafts.

For babies who suffer with reflux, the bouncer allows baby to sit upright after a feed which helps lessen the symptoms of reflux.

Why is our Baby Bouncer so awesome?

  • It's lightweight so you can move it around with just one hand.
  • It folds flat for ‘on-the-go’ or storing.
  • The simple, compact design only takes up a small space on your lounge floor.
  • There's nothing tricky about the set up...super-quick 1-2-3 step assembly with picture instructions.
  • With a wipeable & machine-washable heavy duty cover, you'll be able to keep the bouncer free from grubby-stickiness.
  • The snuggly soft insert pad provides bubs with more warmth & comfort.
  • You'll be happy to have the bouncer as part of your decor, with the simple, stylish design in charcoal coloured fabric & a natural wood finish.
  • The safety straps are adjustable and simple to use.
  • Just in case you have a toddler who wants to chomp down on this bouncer we use non-toxic, child-friendly materials.
  • Age: Best for new-borns and babies up to about 6-9 months old or until they can sit up on their own. 
  • Suitable weight (of baby): up to 9kg
  • Meets European standard for safety EN 12790:2009

Safety Instructions

  • Use bouncer ONLY on the floor.

  • NEVER lift or carry baby in bouncer.

  • NEVER use on a bed, sofa, cushion, or other soft surface.

  • NEVER leave baby unattended.

  • ALWAYS use restraints and adjust to fit snug.

  • STOP using bouncer when baby starts trying to sit up or has reached 9kg – whichever comes first.

  • This bouncer must not be used for sleeping.

  • DO NOT use this bouncer on an elevated surface e.g. a table.


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