The Do's and Don'ts of Bathing Your Newborn Baby

Bathing a newborn can be a delightful yet daunting experience for new parents. It's an intimate moment that strengthens the bond between parent and child but requires great caution. This blog post aims to guide you through the process by discussing three main topics: preparation, bathing, and post-bathing care.


Preparation is key in ensuring a smooth and safe bathing experience for your baby. Before you start the bath, gather all necessary items such as a baby bathtub, a soft washcloth, gentle baby soap, a towel, and a fresh diaper and clothing. Ensure the room is warm enough to prevent your baby from getting cold. Finally, test the water temperature, which should be warm but not hot, ideally between 37°C and 38°C.

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Bathing your newborn is an essential part of their routine and requires utmost care. Remember, it is cardinal rule never to leave them unattended during this process as their safety is paramount. Initiate the process by delicately cleansing their face. It's recommended to use just water and a soft cloth for this initial step. You can find an array of suitable soft towelling washers on this page which are designed specifically for newborns.

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When it comes to washing their hair, the key is to tilt their head back slightly. This small yet significant manoeuvre aids in preventing water from inadvertently getting into their eyes which could cause discomfort.

Next, focus on their body. Use your hand or a soft cloth to gently pour water over their petite frame. Following this, apply a mild soap with a gentle hand, ensuring not to miss any areas. It's important to use products designed for newborns as their skin is highly sensitive.

The final step is rinsing. Make sure to rinse thoroughly ensuring no soap residue is left. This is crucial as any leftover soap could potentially cause skin irritation. While cleaning, avoid scrubbing their skin. As mentioned earlier, a newborn's skin is extremely delicate and susceptible to damage, hence it's important to be as gentle as possible.

Bathing your newborn is not only about cleanliness but also about providing comfort, hence it's important to make this experience as smooth and enjoyable for your little one as possible..

Post-Bathing Care

After the bath, wrap your baby in a towel immediately to keep them warm. Pat them dry, paying special attention to the folds of their skin. Apply a gentle baby moisturiser to prevent dry skin and dress them in clean clothes. Remember, bathing your newborn doesn’t have to be a daily routine, two to three times a week is often enough.

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Bathing your newborn can initially seem challenging, but with proper preparation, careful execution, and post-bathing care, it can become a pleasurable activity. Always remember to keep safety as your top priority. With time and practice, you'll become more confident and your baby will start enjoying their bath time too.