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Detangler Brush

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$24.95 NZD

Ever had that moment when your little one NEEDS to have their hair brushed because its been a week and there are knots that are turning themselves into natural made dreadlocks but they scream every time you bring out the hairbrush? 

Then this detangler brush is for you!!!

The detangling brush has a revolutionary, life changing design (like that handbag wine cooler you bought). It’s like 5 different types of brushes, all in one. The curved, solid head has no flexibility to make sure it can break up the toughest of hair fights.

Use it on wet hair, dry hair, and all hair in between (even leg hair if you forget to shave for a while).

Feel like you need a little extra tangle fighting help?  Grab our value bundle that includes the detangler brush plus our incredible plant based detangler spray together.  Fight tangles and save money with this bundle.


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Finally it actually works!

I didn't have my hope up when I ordered the detangler, as we tried so many different kinds of expensive ones but nothing worked. This is absolutely amazing, no more pain for my girls super thick hair. The curve feels so good on your scalp. Highly recommend it!

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